SQL Server – drop and alter constraints

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Hi all! This week we will have a look at an easy and convenient way to get around those situations when you have been a good developer and used you constraints. (As you should.) However, for some reason you need to make changes to your data or table structure which said constraints hinders you to do. And since you’ve created quite a few tables by now you have no clue where to find the constraint that obstructs you from dropping that table.

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Two useful functions that you should bind in SSMS

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So this is my first post in a while so I though we could look at two useful SSMS customizations that I use somewhere around 20-150 times each day. (Yes, those figures are directly correlated to the length of my workday.)

Both of them include binding functions to CTRL + F1 and CTRL + 3 (do you want them on other shortcuts feel free to chose your own). If you don’t know how to bind, just start SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and navigate to  -> Tools -> Options -> Keyboard -> Query Shortcuts. Read More…